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I'm just a regular guy – a dad, husband, and working professional who found JOY in birding.

I started noticing birds, and after more than five years of figuring it out on my own without a fancy science background, I've become a birding enthusiast.

Now, I'm always the hero of my hikes because I know how to find the most unique birds wherever I travel with my family.

I'm one of the top birders in my area, I've birded my way around the world, and my bird list has over 1,000 species (and counting). I lead birding hikes, and I also volunteer at the local birding observatory to help conserve bird friends and the environment. I'd love to share the joy of birding with you, no matter where you are on your birding journey!

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I started Modern Birding because I know there are people who want to enjoy nature and also identify as many species of birds as possible.

These are the same people who want to have an answer when someone on their hike point and says, "Hey, look! That's a cool-looking bird! What kind is it?" 

They want to share their love for birds and the JOY they receive with others.

The problem is that to get into birding, people often think they need to be scientists, and this can be intimidating. Nobody wants to feel silly or amateurish among the experts out there.

I believe the benefits of birding should be accessible to regular (non-geeky) folks. It took me –– a "regular Joe" –– years to teach myself to bird confidently. Now, I share my exact process that got me to be one of the top birders in my area -- in my spare time.  It's my fast and fun process of enjoying the world of birds in all the quiet (and also the hectic) moments of my life.



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I teach digital birding courses for regular people who hate the old, boring, mind-numbing ways of learning to identify birds. 


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