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Learn to identify & enjoy all the birds in your area 

Learn the HACKS, TIPS, & TRICKS to quickly ID all the birds in your local area.

This is the exact system I used to go from a life list of 0 birds to ranking as one of the top birder in my area and a life list of 1,000+.

⚡️ Access for $697 $397

Learn how to Bird the Modern Birding Way.  It's the NEW way of learning birds. 


Modern Birding uses technology, apps, fun games,  memory tricks & eBird to catapult your joy, focus, and BIRDING accomplishments FAST.


If learning your local birds by flipping through a bird book leaves you overwhelmed — it’s not your fault. There are 1,000 birds in your bird book, and only half of them will ever come through your county.  Scrap the old way of learning about birds.


In this program, you'll get a fail-proof system that shows you step-by-step how to identify and REMEMBER the birds in your area.  

⚡️ Access for $697 $397

What will you learn inside the program?

By the end of the 8-week Modern Birding program, you will: 

🐦 Be confident in your ability to identify your local birds 

🐦 Know what equipment you need to get started & excel

🐦 Understand how to identify birds based on their environment, characteristics & sounds 

🐦 Easily identify the birds you see throughout your daily life

🐦 Feel healthier & invigorated both mentally and physically due to a healthier lifestyle

🐦 Connect with other like-minded birders in a private safe community

🐦 Feel confident planning bird-watching trips & know where to go to see the birds you want to see

Week 1.

Quickly Master Waterfowl Identification: Ducks, Geese & Swans

👉 Birding Basics: Ebird, binoculars & hotspots.

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Week 2.

Unlock the Impossibly Identical: Shorebirds & Gulls

👉 Knowing Where the birds will be in each season.

👉 Discover the simplicity of range maps.


Week 3.

Find the Hidden Favorites: Owls, Hawks, Eagles

👉 Learn the importance of silhouettes, feet, bills.

👉 Sign up for rare bird alerts.

Week 4.

Discover the Acrobatics: Swifts, Hummingbirds, Swallows, Kingfishers, Flycatchers

👉 Explore the taxonomical order.

👉 Learn the hacks when looking at the heads and wings. 

Week 5.

Meet Your Loud Neighbors: Woodpeckers, Jays, Crows, Nuthatches

👉 Discover advanced eBird hacks & sorts.

👉 Understand bird habitats.

Week 6.

Search out Tiny & Secretive: Wrens, Kinglets, Thrushes

👉 Why pay attention to the bird's diet?

👉 Learn more advanced eBird tricks. 

Week 7.

The Secret Lives of the Beautiful: Warblers

👉 Uncover the secret Apps only experts use.

👉 Bird like a pro on holidays.

Week 8.

Cheat-Sheet For the Bold & Boring: Tanagers, Orioles, Finches, Sparrows

👉 Practice birding ethics

👉 Putting it all together:  Birding as a lifestyle.

This is the un-science-y learn-to-brid program, written for beginners, intermediates, and travellers by a bird lover who HATES memorizing field guides.


It took a regular guy working two jobs to rethink Birding. It's a fast, fun, friendly look at the world of birds.


Rick's birds are in motorcycle gangs, spill ketchup on their face, and argue over their ruffles.


Rick shares all his quick and dirty hacks to help him memorize birds without looking at a field guide.

Unlock The Modern Birding For Beginners Program

$697  $397

After going through this 8-week program, you will be able to:

⚡︎ Easily identify birds encountered daily using secret tips and hacks.


⚡︎ Understand bird identification based on simple and easy-to-remember cues.


⚡︎ Quickly develop into a skilled birder with just 60 minutes of weekly practice.


⚡︎Know the essential equipment required to kickstart your birding journey.


⚡︎ Master the use of Birding Apps, including eBird and Merlin.


⚡︎ Connect with fellow bird enthusiasts, sharing incredible bird sightings from around the world, and seek help in identifying birds.


⚡︎Experience improved mental and physical well-being, feeling healthier and invigorated.


 👉  Access for $697 $397 👈

Ready for a game-changing birding program?

Be one of the first to learn the NEW way to learn with simplified birding lessons.



⚡️ Access for $697 $397